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About Us

Jewely inspired by the Mediterranean

Cler Munts takes off in the online world after many years of collaboration with great master craftsmen who have been materializing pencil sketches.

How we started

We started with small exhibitions and selling to other jewelers, sometimes unifying efforts and sometimes supporting our collaborators who presented their own work, until Cler Munts was proposed as the only project, joining the ideas in small designs that began to materialize in the first pieces until achieving the maximum fidelity of the first sketch, incorporating nuances and effects to the metals that sometimes, even the original drawing had not managed to capture and others improving that drawing, either with the incorporation of color, through enamelling or with different techniques of engraved and polished.

Many hours outlining on the Barcelona rooftop of the Eixample district, watching the master Gaudí advance down Mallorca Street, with his passion for nature embodied in the most spectacular representation, his Sagrada Familia, still alive, growing and leaving that energy filtered through the colors of its stained glass windows that has been and will continue to be a matter of observation.

Our 4 unique collections

Observation led us to create the four collections that we present today at Cler Munts, the result of that same passion for nature, although they are different, they aim to transmit that same positive energy, full of life, that enhances any face, lobe, hand, that give us the strength we need to continue imagining. Our Natura, Deas, Aquarium and Cler Munts collections have very different formats and sizes, each one maintains its originality, they are made by hand, with fire enamel, stones or gold-plated, but all made with the highest quality, the given by the goldsmith who works them one by one. The base of all of them is Sterling Silver, some gold-plated or with different finishes, polished or nuanced. This quality of construction makes them durable, as well as beautiful. We hope you find your jewel, that you let yourself go and enjoy our project.

All of us who have materialized that little idea.

How we create our jewelry

How we make themIn three steps

The most difficult thing is to take the idea from the head to the hands, but once we have crossed that barrier and have managed to model the wax, we can start thinking about the finishes. Each piece is different and must be done with the technique that is closest to the original idea. We create pieces always thinking about the way to wear them, because there are jewels for many and different types of women and occasions, but the design always remains, which defines the brand of the house, and is influenced by the geographical environment that is why we always say: " Made in Barcelona ", a reality that distinguishes us.

Observation is key

If we do not look at what surrounds us, it is impossible to create because all beauty is contained there and is a source of inspiration for every artist or craftsman, the difference from reality is the way it is captured on a fabric or metal.

Modeling and creation with lost wax

Once we have the idea, we start by sculpting the wax until we achieve the desired shape, the rubber is prepared where we will melt that wax and we will have the base mold to create the piece in the metal that we want.

Polished or matted, the metal is refined

And we already have a piece in metal, silver or gold and we just need to choose the best finish, if it is colorful or metal-colored, with a shiny effect or with a colored stone, the end result is an original piece, finished in detail.